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"Silent Service" TV Series.

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Hey all,

I came across this old TV series called "Silent Service". I never knew that it even existed as it's way before my time. Each 1/2 hourish episode deals with a specific mission of a real U.S Submarine in World War II. It's narrated by Rear Admiral Thomas M. Dykers, a World War II Submarine veteran. The acting isn't that bad in my opinion, typical old war movie type stuff. I have been having them play while I do some work at the bench so I figured I would pass along the YouTube link:

Ignore the first few seconds of video footage in Season 01 Episode 01 above...the video quality as a whole is really quite good from episode to episode (considering the vintage of the TV series of course).

So bust out those Sub kits or destroyers and enjoy!

Cheers :cheers:

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Deforst Kelly did a couple episodes on shows like these.

Yep I jut finished an episode with him in it. They were evacuating nurses from Corrigador (sp?). He did a good job.

Great little series.


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I know this is an old post. I was lurking on the sub board and found this post. I just yesterday finished reading Silent Running by Jim Calvert. It was a good read about his serving on the Jack in WWII. Dykers was the Capt. of the Jack which he eluded to at the end of that program. Calvert was a Junior officer on the boat and ended up as the exec. Anyway he tells of that patrol where the Jack was damaged and Archer who was Chief of the boat heroically climbed into that narrow tube and fixed it. So Silent Running is mostly true events and the names used in that show where all names of guys who served on that boat.

I'm going to have to check out the rest of the series.


Max Bryant 

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