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I'm wanting to build a Gulf War Tornado, and hoping someone can sum up the basic differences between the IDS and Gr. 4 for me? I'm wanting to build the latter, but I already have the Revell IDS in my stash. I'm wondering if the differences I could modify myself or if I need just to buy the GR.4.

Thanks in advance

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Firstly you must let us know which Gulf War - the first or second? Only the Tornado GR1 was around for the first one in 1991, ie no GR4.

For the second one, the GR4 was around.

Externally, the IDS and the GR1/4 are quite the same, exept he chin pods - 1 for the GR1, 2 for the GR4.

The chin pods minus the clear front portion of the right chin pod is included in the IDS kit - check out parts 172, 173, 174 and 175 on sprue K. (173 is the clear part - sprue F)

Other than that, the GR4 lost the left gun in favour of the new chin pod on that side, hence this should be blanked off.

You could write to Revell and obtain the clear part F173 - contact details should be on the instructions.

For mounting, you can see the GR1/4 instructions online here; http://manuals.hobbico.com/rvl/80-4924.pdf

(allow a little time for download as it can be slow)

Chin pod mounting shown in step 69A

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Regarding the original question....

This is what helped me understand the differences:


Man, that's an amazing link! The profiles really help. I've often wondered how to convert the 1/72 Revell IDS kit into a RAF bird too. Because the IDS kits are cheaper, I got more of those than the RAF ones.

Thanks for the link, Lancer :thumbsup:

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