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How do you store your spare parts?

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I used to do what farmerboy did but it was a 1/72 space shuttle with boosters box so it was a pain to search for anything, especially if it was on the bottom.

I got a couple of those parts organizer cabinets from the hardware store, get one with several sizes of trays and make sure it has a couple of deep ones for larger parts.

Pick a day/night that you don't feel like building anything and sit down in front of the TV and sort the spare parts you have now into different compartments. I have mine sorted into compartments such as: missiles, landing gear, ejection seats, PE frets, clear parts, etc. Pick a system that works for you.

Every couple of years I end up going through part of it doing the "why do I have this again?" Q&A session with myself.


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Keep like parts in a another un-started kit of the same type.

Others odds and sods in a old cookie tin.

Used to have a 30 year stash of parts stored in Hasegawa boxes. Till I noticed some of those parts are......30 years old. So if I don't figure I will use the parts witin 5 years now I toss them.

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I still have bulk parts stored in kit boxes...

But now I like to keep my parts in sealable parts organizers, especially during a build so parts do not get lost.

You can organize as you like keeping wheels tires in one compartment weapons in another, however you like to divide them up.

I also use them to store paint.



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I have some in the parts organizers with little drawers, some are in plastic shoe bins (for a broad category such as 1/48 jet external tanks, then with different types in ziplock bags within the bin; ie. Phantom tanks in 1 bag, Hornet in another, AERO-1 series in another), and some generic parts, such as odds and ends, wings, fins, stuff like that are tossed in a bulk bin. Then, some are in Rubbermaid boxes arranged by general category, just tossed together (1/48 engines and props, for example).

It works for me.

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I use one set of the small parts drawers in a steel frame. That is for very small parts from "sources unknown".

For all other parts, I have an empty model box from each aircraft type, with a label on the end so I don't think it is an unbuilt kit. That lets Crusader parts live in the Crusader stacks, Intruder parts with the Intruders, etc.

I started doing it this way because of all the spares left over from each Hasegawa Phantom that got finished.

I also have the parts sorted into little plastic bags inside the boxes. That way I don't have to push a ton of drop tanks, wheels, and jet exhausts aside while looking for a spare Phantom nose part.

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In a old model kit box. Yes, I am very creative.

And I can be very clumsy.

After knocking my box of spare parts off the desk and all over the floor I sorted everything as mentioned above and store them in various sizes of ziploc bags. No spilling everything and I can generally see what's in the clear bag better than I ever could in a box.

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Similar to y'all Ive set mine into Ziploc bags based on what they are, nosecones/ radomes, landing gear, antennas, canopies, pylons... etc

all of these went into a large plastic container that wasn't about to get bumped to the floor.


Next one I do will be probably a set of filing cabinets so I can keep them out of sight and off the workbench.


William G

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Yessir,   When I finish a kit, I cut the spare parts away, but leave them on enough sprue to keep them solid.  I put the parts along with the instructions in a zip-lock bag.  I mark the bag, i.e. 1/48 Monogram F-84F.  I keep all of these bags separately.  I cut stretches of sprue that can be used for anything from scratching parts to stretching sprue.  I keep all of the sprue and other "stuff" that can be used for anything in modeling.  Every so often, I go through the box and if there is way too much of something, I thin out the scrap box.

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