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The strike/attack aircraft GB rules are pretty broad and inclusive

-Build a model of an aircraft equipped for interdiction/close support/or otherwise strike role

-Preference is for aircraft designed for the strike/attack role (e.g., A-10, F-15E, SBD Dauntless, Ju-87, etc.), but fighters equipped for strike missions are also allowed. Provided, that they are armed for strike - that means no F-16s with clean wings and such.

-No heavy bombers, there is a concurrently running GB to cover those

-Light and medium bombers modified into ground attack and anti-shipping aircraft, such as the Mosquito, A-26, and strafing versions of the B-25, B-26, and JU-88 are welcome

-Experimental and Prototype aircraft are welcome

-What-ifs are welcome

-any scale is welcome

-aftermarket and scratchbuilt mods are welcome

-preference is for kits that have not been started, but kits with already assembled cockpits, or other small assemblies are fine.

-if in doubt, ask

-Most importantly... have fun

Additional rules may be posted when the primary moderator Aussie_Superbug becomes available.

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