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Didn't know this GB was planned...But i'll play..6 month GB huh..

Got a busy month ahead but I'll say i'm in with a 1/72 B-17...maybe one of the new Airfix kits(i have 3 on preorder) assuming Airfix don't push the release date back too far.



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Oops! I did a "new topic" in stead of a "reply" here yesterday. :bandhead2: So here we go again.:)

I´ll be building the old Revell 1/72 Lancaster kit (© 1965) I have had in my stash for about 30 years! I have the cockpit set from CMK, which is made for the Airfix kit. But I'll make it fit in this one.

But we have to see if I'll compleat it or not. I didn't compleat my old Airfix Spitfire for the Spitfire: 80th Anniversary GB. Because the summer came and my RV that I bought in April took more time that planed. But now winter is ahead and my RV is compleated. :rolleyes:/>

Best regard

Grétar W. G. :wave:

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 I think I can jump into this with one that should qualify (with permission from you fellas, of course). The venerable old 1/48 Monogram B-17G, about 3 times heavier than norm as this one will be loaded with all the goodies I could find. It's started, so to speak, with the interior detail sanded down and the sidewalls for the True Details Bombardier Compartment resin set installed.


 And there she stalled...



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