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You have the first one out of the starting gate! :)/>

That's a nice touch of boxes and belts in that cockpit.

What do you think about this kit? How does it compare to the Trumpeter MiG-29?

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Thanks guys.THe kit is great.Fist pretty good with no major difficulties,at least when dry fitted.This is a 9.13 mig-29 and I have only built and seen the trumpeter 9.12 but if I may say so trumpeter has greater amount of details as well as better panel lines and rivets while the zvezda has a correct armament and is cheaper :D the zvezda`s plastic is softer and is easily sanded and rescribed than the trumpeters.Today I will glue the fuselage halves and nose together so we`ll see how it goes.Pictures will follow of course.


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This kit fits together pretty good.I managed to fit the wings and the intakes.Also I managed to rescribe and deepen most of the panel lines and add some rivets.I will add some more further in the build.I have decided not to make a Ukrainean one but a Soviet/Russian mig-29 from the Dogmaten base in East Germany.



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You are so prolific! The camo looks fantastic. Do you like the Akan paint? I was thinking of buying some.

I don't know much about the MiG-29. How does the 9.13 differ from 9.12?

Also, what are the dark parallel lines on the tails in your earlier photos?

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Thanks guys.


I am using AKAN enamels and I thin them with nitro.They are great paints.Spot on for Soviet aircraft.The only thing you should remember is to let them dry fully otherwise they tend to strip off the model if you touch them.

THe 9.13 has a bigger spine,different electronic equipment and different wing tip/edges.Different panels etc...

THe dark panel lines on the unpainted photos are guidlines for the rivets I was adding to the ariframe :D

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THanks Raymond.Well the price is ok.I bought two for 15euros a piece so they are not expencive like the trumpeter ones.

Here is the aircraft I am building.


I managed to paint all the dielectrics and details plus add a little chipping on the airframe



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