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CanMilAir Decals - Back in Business!

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CanMilAir is out of the ALPS decal printing business.  This update posted on the website "What's new" link, dated 21 Aug 2018:


bullet.gif August 21, 2018
  1. Unfortunately, I will no longer be accepting orders for ALPS-printed waterslide decals.

    The last of my four ALPS printers is showing signs of imminent failure and my stock of consumables is nearly exhausted. With the printer behaving the way it is, I simply can't risk spending $1,500 on a restocking order of inks and paper.

    With a catalogue that topped out at 675 decal sets covering, 137 aircraft types, CanMilAir Decals processed 4,000 orders and sold over 11,000 decal sets, in 54 different scales (from 1:700 to 1:1 scale), to a total of 2,120 customers from 40 countries over a 13 year span. 

    I would like to take a moment to give my thanks to those 2,120 customers who made CanMilAir Decals such a huge success. Their continued patronage proved that there is indeed a healthy market for waterslide decals for Canadian military aircraft and naval subjects.

    Going forward, CanMilAir Decals will continue the 1:1 scale vinyl side of the business including those larger RC scales that can use self-adhesive vinyl instead of waterslide decals. There are also a few exciting Canadian military aircraft reference book releases on the horizon that I will be involved with.
  2. For those out there with the passion and a graphics background, there are literally thousands of original CorelDraw X3 vector artwork files, in multiple scales, currently residing on my hard drive.  These artwork files already feature multiple colour layers that, and with a few simple alterations, would be perfectly suitable for high quality silk-screen mass production.  
    Serious enquires only.
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I placed an order in early June.  Having heard nothing i tried the website today and saw the message.  I  fired off an email asking if he will honor my order. Will wait and see. It appears that he wants to sell the artwork files, so maybe CanMilAir will live on. Still a sad day. Wish him the best, though. 

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Bill's health hasn't been too good over the past few years and needs a serious rest from it all, he's done some great one off decals for me.

I wish him all the best.

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Apparently, CanMilAir lives on! Waterslide decals are now being marketed through the CanMilAir website by a separate link for "Above & Below Graphics Store.


Good news!  The full line appears to be there. And some new additions coming in Nov 2021.


Bad news!  Prices have increased dramatically!  Ouch!


I placed an order for a half dozen 1/144 "must haves," and left it at that.  Came to just under $100.  I hope that's CDN$.


Kind regards,


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  • Dutch changed the title to CanMilAir Decals - Back in Business!
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Elmo let me know before you order, we can combine shipping.

2 hours ago, Emvar said:



Can you post a small review on the quality? 


I'm looking at some sheets to order.





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3 hours ago, Snowbird3a said:

got my recent order from Above&Below graphics yesterday.   Great , fast service.



And I placed an order on 10 November for 6 sheets and recieved it today!  Wow!  That is fast!  I may place another order soon.

K/r, Dutch

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