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Put your completed builds here. Maybe a short description of kit, scale, materials, and anything extra you may want to include. Then fill a page with pictures but try to limit it to one page. Think that equals 5-6 photos I believe.

Get crackin Boys n Gals.

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Trumpter 1/48 A-3B bomber with Furball decals and Furball canopy masks. The build itself is OOB however the wings are not glued in place. They are held in place with a length of coat hanger bent to shape. Just in case I ever need to take the wings off and move the model. It is a massive kit. Way bigger then the Lancaster I was thinking of building (and still might) for this GB. The only (1/48) kit I have that is bigger is my CC-130J Hercules.


With a 72 scale Hasegawa which is now on the giveaway pile.










And, the air-wing. Back in the day.....



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Here is my build for this GB. It's the Vintage Tamiya 1/100 B-52D. It was built OOB. I used SAC bomber green, SAC bomber tan (from spray can) and green drab for the camo colors. The underside is black Mr Color Finishing Surfacer. 









Thanks for following,


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