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1/48 JASDF/JMSDF UH-60J decals

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There is no 1/48 UH-60J decal sheet from Caracal. I did announce them some years back - it was a joint project with a resin aftermarket producer, who was going to release a full UH-60J conversion set at the time. They decided not to go ahead with the conversion set, so I never got the decals printed.

I am not going to let the artwork go to waste, though - they will be part of an international UH-60 sheet that I am working on right now, slated to be released sometime in early 2017. There will be at least 2-3 UH-60J options on that sheet.

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Any chance of reducign the UH-60 International sheet to 1:72 scale?  I purchased a Hasegawa or Fujimi (can't remember which one) 1/72 UH-60J box with two kits inside and no decals.  Along the way, someone gave me a set of JASDF UH-60J (yellow/white) decals, but I have been looking for a set of JMSDF UH-60J (red/white) decals for the other kit. 

R/ Dutch 

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I still have the artwork. As I mentioned, I will put it to use in a future UH-60 sheet but I don't know when - sorry.

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