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T-70 X-Wing "Ralph McQuarrie Scheme"

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Last Christmas I received both the X-Wing and the First Order Tie Fighter kits. I'm kind of on a Star Wars building kick at the moment and decided to pull this one out of the stash and get started on it. It is Interesting to note that while this kit can be displayed in flight, there is no pilot figure. With this said, I went to the spares box and found a helicopter pilot that would fit the bill nicely for a Resistance Pilot.


These kits are prepainted, albeit not very well. I decided to leave the cockpit as-is and do a little dry brushing to enhance some details. I glued the pilot in the cockpit and pressed the cockpit into place.


I began work on the S-Foils and the fit on the some of the parts were less than stellar. I know it's a snap tite kit, but I guess I set my expectations too high for a model kit tooled in the 21st century. There were some pretty big gaps to fill in the panels.


Once the filling and sanded were done and the factory paint job left a lot to be desired, I stripped the paint and primed the entire kit with Tamiya Gray Surfacing Primer.


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I decided that I didn't what this to look like an X-Wing from the movie. I tossed around the idea to do it in a red paint scheme, but I figured there would be a lot of people doing that or maybe green. So, those options were out. I was looking around the internet for inspiration and then this jumped out at me.


© LucasFilm - Posted Under Fair Use

Although, not exactly the same X-Wing, the TFA X-Wing clearly draws a lot of inspiration from this original concept. So, I decided to adapt McQuarrie's Paint scheme to the T-70. The color was overall Model Master Light Gray.


The gray stripe down the side of the fuselage is almost spot on to RLM Gray


Next was some careful masking ans spraying International Orange on the fuselage and the S-Foils


Dry fit of the cannons


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Love it. I have been tempted to go with a similar scheme on one of my kits. Seeing yours finished has given me even more inspiration to do it. And the build also shows just how good the Revell kit is, once you get past the ugly pre-painted markings. 

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