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Hercules dihedral

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On 2017-01-04 at 11:30 AM, Tailspin Turtle said:

And to follow up, my examination of John's drawing using Illustrator strongly suggests that the C-130 wing is flat across the top from tip to tip as drawn, the outboard panel dihedral and taper (in thickness) canceling each other out. The side view in both John's drawing and the Lockheed report indicates that the top of the wing tip is slightly higher than the top of the wing at the fuselage center line but given the variability of the outboard wing position with respect to fuel load, flat across the top would be my choice.


C-130 Refueling.jpg


I was in Thule when this happened, I had just left Alert. I fueled at this spot many times, 26,000 lbs wet wings. Empty externals.

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