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Welcome back Everyone!!!

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Well the forums are now upgraded and on a new server and the virus has been removed.

I'm sorry it took so long....but it was a massive job and this forum is now 5 gigs in size.

And yes...the program has updated quite a bit...I will try to get some of the colours back to the older look, but sadly the program is updated and we will all need to get use to the new features. 

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3 minutes ago, phantomdriver said:

The new out lay is a mess.....

What on earth were they thinking?

Can't  even find a list of recent posts...

The header/button is gone

Yup...I'm just poking around myself trying to figure it out.  I guess I'm old...but I never see the reason to change a good thing.  Young programmers drive me crazy.  :angry:

But...change is part of life in our technological world...I got my first smart phone a few months back.  :thumbsup:


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3 minutes ago, vvac201 said:

My -8,732,754 post count is gone!  :-(  Glad to be back!  :)

I just tried to change it....it seems all post counts must be positive numbers.  Damn programmers.

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