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The Hasegawa 1/48 F-104s are really the only game in town if you want to build a Starfighter.


Got this kit as a birthday present and didn't realize it was an anniversary paint scheme until I saw the GB starting up and wondered...that's a pretty fancy paint job, must be a story behind it.

Sure enough it's to mark the 25th anniversary of the Jagdbombergeschwader 34.

I've done a few Starfighters but never an in-flight so the cockpit, wheels and speed brakes will all be closed up.


Bit of presahding


Ejector seat finished


IP is good enough since cockpit will be sealed


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Ok got some work done and will go with the tried and true Photobucket hosting rather than Google (grrr).


Yellow underside:



Taped off the underside and started in on the red:



Didn't really have to worry about overspray since top will be straight black:



Ready for the final color:



(Major) painting complete:



Unmasked and a layer or three of Future (hence the shine) to prep for decals:






There are a couple places where the painting instructions are hard to interpret and one place where I opted for a different look but overall I'm pretty happy.

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Thanks for the kind words, ya'll.


Back in the day I was a cartographer and before computers had enough horsepower, I had to label maps by hand. Lots of exacto blades, adhesive labels, and patience. Masking models now just feels like a continuation of that sort of work. Now I put on some music or a podcast and it's a relaxing way to actually do something in the physical world instead of my (now) primarily digital work.


Decal work is kind of in the same category. This model may have the fewest decals of any kit that I've done: 2 IDs on either side of the cockpit and two tail banners. Kinda weird to have so few:




As usual (at least for me) the SolvaSet leaves a strange residue when it reacts with the Future. Have to remind myself that it does disappear with the next layer of gloss, but it always makes me worry.

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All of the plane assembly is done and I figured that there was no reason to weather so I put together the base. I had some spare aluminum plate and a plexiglas strip.


I put the plex in the oven on 300° for about 10 minutes and gently bent it around a wine bottle to get the curve.


I attached the plex to the plate with some Loctite Fast grab and clamped it overnight






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