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1/48 HobbyBoss Sukhoi Su-27S Flanker-B

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Here's my entry for this GB. It is the recently released HobbyBoss rendition of the Su-27 Flanker. I will be adding a resin seat and using decals from Begemot. 




The kit seat is rather lacking in detail so I'll be using a resin replacement. 




And progress so far involves the construction of several sub-assemblies.





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Started assembly of the missiles. The R-73s provided in the kit are too long. I had to lop off the segment aft of the last panel line and attach the thrust vectoring controls to the end of the missiles.




And the loadout I will be using: 4 x R-27ERs, 2 x R-27ETs and 4 x R-73s. For those that only recognise their NATO code names, those are the AA-10 Alamo-C, AA-10 Alamo-D and AA-11 Archer respectively.





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Some progress on this build.


Painted and weathered the engine exhausts.






The completion of the exhausts allowed me to button up the fuselage.




Then I installed the HUD.




And then the windshield and canopy. The canopy is attached with Blu-tack so that it can be removed later.





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Much thanks for the support guys. Just a small update for now.


The main wheels that HB provided has the brake cooling holes simulated by tiny recessed dots. They are way too small so I used a 0.3mm drill bit to enlarge them and improve their look.




Another enhancement was to remove the molded-in lens of the taxi light and replace it with a clear lens.





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On 11/8/2016 at 8:18 PM, Sebastijan said:

Nice work on the cans. If I were you, I'd add some brown to the mix as well.


Thanks! I'll probably get some oils in there before the final installation.


Today I tried adding some detail to the kit. This is what I believe to be the ILS antenna located on the port fin as it comes in the kit.




It looks nothing like the actual antenna so I attempted to spruce it up a little with some plasticard.




I also managed to give the whole airframe a preshade. Medium blue was chosen as the final camouflage consists of 2 shades of light blue and a light grey.





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