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While ARC was down I made good headway on my 1/72 tomcat. I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out, but I have a few questions for the experts. First, is the missile body color too dark? Too blue? This is supposed to be a plane from the late 80s. Would the missiles still be white?




Second, Fujimi indicates the carrier name for the aircraft as USS Independence. Far as I could tell, VF-84 never had a cruise on Independence, So I applied the USS Teddy Roosevelt decals. Was I correct in my assumption?


Third, should this aircraft have a light tan colored nose tip?


And last, do the insides of F-14 afterburners have the whitish coating like in an F-15?


Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions/constructive criticisms.

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1. I do believe the missiles were still white in the late 80's. If I remember right, that's about the time the transition over to the Light Ghost Gray began...late, late 80's to early 90's. There were still F-15's lugging white missiles around during Desert Storm. Come to think of it, for that time frame, you may even be able to get away with either color.

2. I don't believe VF-84 ever embarked on the Independence, and for the timeframe you're going for, the Roosevelt markings are correct (VF-84's CVW joined the Roosevelt in 1988).

3. If it's an overall gull gray scheme, then no, it shouldn't have the white/tan striped radome.

4. Yes, the TF-30 engines had the white insides, but a lot of times they'd get so scorched up, it was hard to even tell.

Hope this helps :)

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