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USS Parche SSN-683 1/350 scale conversion

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The latest addition to my collection of 1/350 scale submarines - the USS Parche.


She was a Sturgeon Class sub lengthened by 100ft for 'Special Operations' work....


I cut and joined two Mikro-Mir Sturgeon hulls to get the length and scratch-built the raised decking and rear sonar housing....










Details of this 'hush-hush' sub are difficult to find - particularly information about the side thrusters - so there is a lot of guesswork involved.


More photos of the actual build here.


All my submarine collection here.




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Same as the other kits - shortrun that needs some cleaning up - but their delicate parts are just that - very delicate.


Things like the deck guns on the early subs, diving planes, masts etc - trouble is, the sprue 'feed' leading to a part is sometimes bigger than the part itself - so care is needed when removing.


They are quite prolific though - and they will do a subject if you can provide them with decent drawings - particularly cross-sections.



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