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Wolfpak October 2016 Release

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Here are the two modern releases from Wolfpak Decals this month.  They are accompanied by two World War II sheets that can be found in the props forum.  Now for the sheets:

Sheet 72-098, On Guard:  Up first is a F-89J from the Iowa ANG followed by the option of building one of two F-86H’s.  The first one is from the mobilized Maryland ANG during the Pueblo Crisis.  This one surprisingly uses “CT” tailcodes.  The second F-86H being from the New York ANG at Syracuse.  A Euro I painted A-7D from the Pennsylvania ANG is the next subject complete with chaulk noseart.  A F-16CM in the new HAVE GLASS 5 paint scheme is next.  Last but not least is a C-27J from the Mississippi ANG from 2012.

Sheet 72-099, The Grim Reaper Cometh:  Starting off the sheet are options for one of two F-100D’s in SEA camouflage from the 48th TFW at Lakenheath.  These are followed by a F-4E from the 50th TFW at Hahn and a AT-38 from the 435th TFTS at Holloman.  The next subjects are options for one of two F-4D’s also from Holloman AFB.  From an earlier period is a B-26C in gloss black from the Virginia ANG.   A much requested subject, a Navy E-6B completes the sheet.

The sheets will cost $17.50 and should be on sale early next week.  I would appreciate your feedback on what you like and don’t like about these sheets as well as any suggestions for future subjects. 






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7 minutes ago, Drifterdon said:

Great topics.   I understand your trepidation in doing 1/144 but would love to see some of the E-3, E-6, B-52's and B-1's in this scale.


True. But we 1/72 folks are THRILLED to have Mark as a hero of The Cause! :cheers: 

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Mark, Beautiful subjects all!  What order dollar value does it take to receive the annual "Thank you" decal sheet you offer every December?  In the past it was $30 minimum order, but I placed an order sometime last December or this January for two decals between $30-$35 and did not recieve the 2015 Thank you decal (which I really wanted for the F-15A Candy Cane scheme).  Just curious.  Keep up the great work. R/ Dutch

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