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Belgian Spitfire Mk. XIVc

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I've started this kit with the academy boxing, not the greatest choice dimensionaly, but it was the choise of my girlfriend as a model to put in her closet.




the cockpit was painted interior green:


















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it's was stowed away for almost a year... and then painting stage... which was hell... it fell several times, spilled alclad on the model, scratches appeard on the wings, but I want to finish it and move on...

I have very salty sweat, so after the alclad treatment i gave it a coat of Tamiya clear for protection, or one can see my fingerprints everywhere. Though the shades in the the panels disappeared, it gives a descent representation of the aluminium...







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Thx, I used dymo label tape as a guide, If you cut the length in 2 and mark the straight (or cutted)side, you can work a bit more economic. Then with the rivetter from Trumpeter I followed the dymo tape and marked the place of the rivets (the markings are small lines, not round). If you want to prevent overshooting the panel, you can mark the end of the line with another piece of tape). Lastly I used an Excell scribing needle to make the markings deeper. In hindsight, the impressions might have been a bit deeper...


Dymo tape:


and here with the marking to indicate the side where it was cut in two



Marking the end of a panelline (also usefull for scribing)



Trumpeter rivetter: 



Excell scribing needle:



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I like this a lot. I'm on a Belgian Air Force kick just now, I've got a Fujimi kit with Belgian decals coming from Lucky model as I type this. I've not been keen on a NM Spitfire but seeing yours, I'm being won over. That looks just great.


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