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Making room for kid-2 1/35, 1/48, 1/72 airplanes, aftermarket!

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FREE SHIPPING in CONUS trying to keep it in the US also. Paypal or money order. PM if interested! I would much much rather sell these here than Ebay. ARC is a wonderful community with a strong and reliable marketplace. I would much rather give discounts here than pay fees on Ebay. Feel Free to PM offers. I am getting ready for another kid and hoping to squirrel away some money while freeing up space. Thank you for looking.  


Kit List:




Academy  F2H-3/4 Banshee $13

Italeri P-47N $15

Fujimi F-14A JR box. NO DECALS, some parts off sprues, inside exhuasts painted. looks to include B/D F110 nozzles. $23






Revell A-10 $14

Hase F4U-4 Corsair $17

Aires 1/48 Tomcat Wheel bays for Hasegawa Tomcat $15

1/48 Squadron Canopies Junkers Ju 188 Canopy - SQ9638 $6

Revell F-105G "wild Weasel" 04504 $23





1/35 Armor

Sp designs # 204 T-62 turret model 1972 for Tamiya $18

SP Designs T-80 UDK M1985 Correct Turret $17

SP Designs BTR-80R-439BV-1 SatCom $25

SP designs 2S1 M1985 turret $9

AEF designs T-72 "s" W/ Some Tamiya spares $25 (includes turret, main gun and commanders cupola) 

Dragon Last Battle" (Austria 1945) $16


1/32 aftermarket


1/32 Eduard F-18C exterior $9

1/32 Paragon Mk 10 seats $19

1/32 Avionix NACES $13 (for Tomcat)

1/32 CAM Tornado seats $10

1/32 Eduard IJN seatbelts -$6

1/32 BF 109G/K Squadron crystal clear canopy sq9417 $7

1/32 Eagleparts #55-32 high altitude scoops FW190A-5 $8


1/32 Kawasaki Ki-100lb conversion (bubbletop) by Richard Marmo VERY rough conversion set that predates the alley cat conversion. include Radial cowling and new spince, plus vac form canopy $20

1/32 Kawasaki Ki-100 Razorback conversion, by Richard Marmo VERY rough conversion set that predates the alley cat conversion. Includes radial cowling and prop spinner $15



1/32 Kit:


TWO (X2) 1/32 Revell Harriers packed into a 1/48 scale Tomcat box asking $50 shipped






All $8 dollars:


aeromaster 1/48 incredible fokkers part 2 

Aeromaster 1/48 LAte Doras PT 3 

aeromaster 1/48 BoB Final throes Part 1

aeromaster 1/48 BoB Final throes Part 3

aeromaster 1/48 too little, too late Part 1 Doras
aeromaster 1/48 too little, too late Part 3 Doras 

aeromaster 1/48 early eastern Friedrich part II


All 11$


cutting edge BF 109 E/F Desert eagles $15

Cutting edge FW 190A $15


All $8


Eagle strike 1/48 BF 109 in defense of the reich part 4 10$

Eagle strike 1/48 BF 109 barborossa I $10

Eagle strike 1/48 Flying circus part 7 $10




Zotz Jolly Rogers Tomcat decals $17

Eagle strike 1/32 Augsburg flyers part VI $11

Eagle strike 1/32 Augsburg flyers part  VII $11








Books for sale:


Latin American fighters $20

fellow ARCer ChukW book. signed and dedicated to "Michael" 15$ 






Trade Wants

1/35 Cobra Company UH-1N Fleet Upgrade

1/48 Academy MH-53 Sea Dragon

1/35 super frelon exocet

1/48 Sea king

1/48 Rafale (prefer twin seater)

1/48 and 1/72 Mirages of many variants (F.1 Two seater, 2000, III, Kfir)

1/48 and 1/72 F-8 Crusaders 

1/48 Ju-88G (night fighter)

1/72 A-6 Intruders and EA-6B Prowlers

1/48 B-29 

1/144 B-36

1/144 Dragon B-1B



Prefer sales over trades at the moment, but wanted to provide the list anyway





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4 hours ago, Spectre711 said:

Interested in the Promodeller F-4E Phantom.  Went to PM you but it says it can't be done.


Mailbox full?




It is full, but its also already been spoken for.


Never underestimate the power of the Phantom 

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