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some of you may have been wondering , by his conspicuous absence , what's going on with Clif...

1) for the last 4 weeks his PC has been down, and his net access...

2) More importantly, his state of health  has had an impact on his energy and , therefore , his time on the board.

Normally, he would have not made a fuss of his personal affairs,but after consideration, he thought it only fair to inform his " extended family "here.

So, he has tasked me with keeping everyone up to speed...

After battling prostate cancer for 2 years, and, to all intents - kicking it into touch, (the treatment wore him out a lot)..

We had hoped that, was it.

A few months ago, at  a routine MRi, a tumour was discovered on the pancreas.. he's finished radiotherapy a few weeks ago, so, hopefully shrinkage would occur.

Clif now faces surgery on Thursday, and 2 weeks in hospital...

SBARC has just been on the phone to him, and he sounds in good spirits

I'll keep you all in the loop as to his progress...in the coming couple of weeks, by which time, hopefully, he'll have his PC back in order..

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7 hours ago, phantomdriver said:

he's now progressing slowly, hopefully out in a week...


Is he stalling because of the pretty young nurses in the hospital? 


Seriously though....it is good to hear he is ok. :thumbsup:

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