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Latest LRIP J-20A unveiled today ... in splinter camo !

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4 hours ago, Deino said:

Just to keep You updated ... and maybe as a wink to any serious modelling company: We need a decent kit of this beast !



J-20A LRIP grey splinter camo - 17.10.16 - 1.jpg

That's some very nice scheme! for once, i must say Kudos to the chineses!



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56 minutes ago, Fighting Eighty-Four said:

... possibly as this comes into operational service in a couple of years.


Following the latest reports there are already 7 LRIP J-20A flying. Four of them are confirmed including two grey ones (one of them in the splinter scheme) and two more in yellow. There are even reports that last week the first two left CAC and were handed over to the PLAAF within the FTTC and the Dingxing AB; however no confirmation.


As such this is more a matter of weeks or months that this bird enters operational service and not years. However if You mean a fully operational front-line regiment, then You are correct.



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10 hours ago, Air one said:


Is there a chance to see some walkaround-Like about Chinese plane soon ?

I have every one of your books and can't wait for another one...'



Thanks for Your kinds words ... and Yes, there's something in the pipeline.

To admit it is expected that two J-20As will appear at Zhuhai next month and so I'm sure, we will get enough close-ups from nearly each and every corner of that bird.



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6 hours ago, torchf4 said:

Kinda reminds me of the Firefox in this angle. Nice!


Yeah, I really dig its looks from these angles; the wing and stabilizer configuration give it a pretty cool style (kind of like the MiG 1.44, but with a way nicer frontal part) and this splinter camo is way nicer than the black paint job.


There should have been a model in 1/48 already. Come on Hobby Boss..

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