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Ka-29B cannon mount pics?

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Going to take a run at the Hobby Boss kit and wonder if there are decent pic available of the mount (internal and external)  for the 2A42  30mm gun?

I've made a first pass through google images, been over to prime Portal, and took a spin through Ken Duffy's old page ,http://ram-home.com/ram-old/ka-29.html. But most of the links there are dead. 

In the past, I'd have dug into the Russian thread on milphotos.net, but they're long gone. None of the successors have been as good for me.

Dishmodels has 5 pages, but none of the -29 with the cannon.


little help, please?


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Fantastic! Thats just what I was looking for.

Is this photo part of a Ka-29 walkaround somewhere I did not know about?

I looked in the brazd site named in the corner there, but did not find more than the general info page on the Ka-29 and a familiar image.





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