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Overlapping decals with setting solutions. How do you apply them

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Hello guys. I'm using microscale products. So basically I wet decals in water, apply microset in the area where I'm gonna put it, place the decal there then apply microsol. But I'm wondering how do you do it for Overlapping decals. Let's say Some decals like begemot has the red Russian star separate from the blue outline. Saw this too for some British roundel where you apply the blue circle separate from the red. How do you do this? When should I apply the microsol?

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I did this with roundels for my P40 with the tamiya markfit (strong) which sets the decal and mildly softens them. I just softened both top and bottom, with a  bit more on the top. Just remember to wait for the bottom decal to dry first before you put the next decal on, so you don’t move the bottom decal.

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