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1/48 Hawk 100

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Okay I haven't had any luck with my search. Has anyone seen or know much about the Hobbyboss 1/48 Hawk 100 kits? Are they any good or is the Airfix kit the way to go? Also does it come with or does anybody make the centerline fuel tanks that the Canadians use?


I've always liked the looks of these planes and have been wanting to do a Canadian or Australian one or maybe both.


Thanks for any assistance.



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I recently finished a Hobbyboss Hawk 100 and it is a great kit.  The nose shape is way better than the Airfix kit and the detail is pretty good.  It does suffer from a couple of drawbacks (lack of MDC det cord for the canopy, and fences on the leading edge of wing incorrect for the Hawk 100), but to me, they can be fixed with relative ease.  The kit does not come with the Canadian style centerline tank, however, I did rework the Red Arrows smoke tank that came in the kit.  It looks close enough after I was done with it.


I'd highly recommend it.

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