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AMT's Pacer back on the beat - Out of Box review!

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Everyone knows that I love loser cars. I seem to gravitate towards the odd, eclectic, underpowered and unloved. Well, there aren’t too many cars that are more of all of those things than the AMC Pacer! That’s why I was so stoked when I got my hands on the MPC ’78 coupe from Round 2 a couple of years ago. I’d seen the on the second hand market, and wasn’t about to pay what they wanted there.


It never occurred to me that there would come a day that we’d be able to actually go into a shop and CHOOSE between two different Pacer kits!  However, when I saw the new AMT ’77 Pacer Wagon in a local shop, that’s exactly what happened! Two different kits, of two different body styles and two different years. It’s loser Nirvana!


While I don’t normally get too excited by AMT’s, there’s nothing not to like about this one. I mean, it’s a Pacer wagon and it comes with all kinds of crazy custom bits! Check out the newest addition to the Pacer model kit family out of box here:





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I don't know if you can blame gravitationally induced phenomena, but yeah... I have a model of the Trabby and would love a Yugo kit!


Oh, by the way, did I mention I have a COBI (Polish Lego) FSO Polonez? Yeah baby!


Jealousy will get you nowhere. The cars I love will do the same! :)

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Well, if it helps, I DO have a Megane, a Renault 5 (LeCar) police car and a Renault 16 hatchback. Do they count?

So many interwar French bombers LOOK like cars (well... rail cars) that you COULD count that.. :)


Remember my criteria are weird and sucky (there are a few others, but they're the big ones); how can French cars not fit into that mould! I would love a Fuego, and I have a Burago Renault 11 (I think that's the Alliance's name) I want to customize at some point...


You're never safe, man. Not from me. Bwa ha ha ha!

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I can’t find the pic right now but a few years back I saw a purple Pacer-X on the Hot Rod Power Tour. It has personalized plates that read “PURPLEX”. The owner was obviously baffled and confused....   :stooges:

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