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Schertel Sachsenberg Sk.116 Hydrofoil 1/35 Mikro Mir

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this is my build of a what if hydrofoil torpedoboat called the Schertel-Sachsenberg sk.116. It was supposed to be on the drawing board in 1942, but "un"fortunately is has never seen the light of day.


Hydrofoils started to be investigated in Itali by Enrico Forlanini in 1898, who made his first prototype in 1908:




Baron Von Schertel was also intrigued by this and started working on this in 1927, and in 1936 several prototypes were build to prove the concept. In 1937 he joined with the Gebrueder Sachsenberg AG, who had a construction yard near Rosslau-on-Elbe. Together they founded the Schertel-Sachsenberg Hydrofoil syndicate. their first mutual design was a passengerboat  which reached 40kn. This model was used throughout the war


during the war they made several prototypes,which were destroyed prior to the acceptance test by bombing (allies learned that is was better to bomb when a project was almost finished, so that manpower and resources were occupied till the last moment... ats of war....)



the box:



the sprues







the guide...



and another reference drawing:



Here you can see three windows, on the boxart also, in the box the clearparts have 4 windows...

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the hull is comming together, lots of sanding and dryfitting:







In hindsight it would have been better to make the left side the right side and the hollow for the torpedo separately and try to merge them afterwards... next time...


also the torpedo needed it's share of putty...



hull is ready at the moment for new weldlines, the fins are glued, but need to be thinned a lot so that they are more wing-like, so more putty and sanding ahead...


With regards to the camouflage, I don't know yet... box-art or splinter, ideas are welcome

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Hull should be as good as finished, time to apply weld marks and a surface check


a little more work is neede in this area

torpedo is flush


then actuator broke off...

new profile in copper...


a little cutting and bending

torpedo is too long for screws and rudders, removed +/- 2mm



looks better:

"wings" are also filled and sanded... ready to mount


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Cool subject! I thought I was somewhat well informed on hydrofoil development, I was unaware of this. Wonder how the torpedo launch would work?


I'm quite interested to see how this turns out.


I thought the Aurora 1/84 TUCUMARI and the Orange Hobby 1/350 PEGASUS were the only available hydrofoil kits.

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I wonder also about the torpedo launching mechanism... with regards to the speed (the ship is supposed to be faster then the torpedo) and no launching tube, I guess it has to freefall and sink fast enough to be clear of the screw... hence it never made it past the drawing board...

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When the screw would be mounted, there isn't sufficient place to be able to rotate, so I lowered it a few mm:

a little cutting:


gluing and sanding:


front wings have been attached, when the gue has set, it's ready for some putty:


For the rear wings Mikro Mir delivered some trapezoid wings, but on the drawing they seem rectangular, so more filing... at the left the original part, at the right the reworked part


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