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USS Enterprise from 1966 to 1968

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OK, folks, ever since I saw the top view of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek superimposed on a top view of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise in Stephen Whitfield's book "The Making of Star Trek", I have wanted to do a three dimensional representation of this picture.  My first question is can the Tamiya 1/350th Enterprise be built to what she appeared in 1966 to 1968?  My thoughts are to build the kits and have the Round 2 model mounted just above the Tamiya kit.  I have toyed with the idea of placing an air wing on the deck that would consist of aircraft and markings that were operating off of her during those years.  But the main question there is does these aircraft and markings in 1/350th scale exist?  If the project to fill the flight deck and hangar is too expensive, I will forego this and do the ship just bare of anything.  It seems that I was once looking through some pictures of a show/contest that had this idea of mine already executed.  Lastly, does any one here know of such a picture?  Your thoughts and comments on this idea are very welcome!!  Thanks!!


Best Regards,

Ken Bailey


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I've been collecting the Enterprises in 1:350 because I, too, saw that drawing many decades ago.  I just twigged on a 1:350 Space shuttle from Shapeways but it's TINY.  Need an HMS Enterprise so I can sort of emulate the wall in the Enterprise D conference room behind the bridge.


I don't know about a mid-Sixties air wing but don't know why that wouldn't be available SOMEWHERE considering how long the Tamiya kit has been out.



Google is ALWAYS your friend.


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Bit of work, I did mine in 2001 style as that is when the airgroup (CVW-8) that I build was on board.


Right now I have 4 1/350 scale Enterprise on display.....CVN-65, NX-01, NCC-1701 and 1701A.

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