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1/35 Vietnam war figures

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A few years ago I started a 1/35 big diorama helo insertion, using 20 Dragon Hueys and infantry in other positions.  The positions for the infantry would've of been troops from the previous troop drop. Troops unloading from just landed Hueys. Then troops in the next chalk of Hueys ready to land. Now unfortunately the progress on the Huey Company stalled quickly but about a year ago a friend showed me a game called Flames of War. This game got me thinking about my diorama and how it's just static and sure I can move anything but turning it into a game would be soo much funner. Progress for this one is coming along nicely so far. It's just time consuming lol but worth it when it's completed and playing with friends:-).

Waiting for primer to dry on m16s. First time painting a m16 complete and I got a lot of reference pics. Hopefully the paint colors I picked, makes the right colors lol.



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Lots of figures there. Reminds me of the old sand table battle dioramas I used to see at Army musuems growing up. So others don't have to leave Arc just to see them. Here they are:




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