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MiG E-152A - New 1/72 'Big MiG' from Modelsvit

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Following up their earlier MiG E-150, Modelsvit have just released its developed version - the MiG-152A - given the NATO Reporting Name 'Flipper'


The box art is impressive..... and shows the Flipper with two dummy K-9 missiles underwing.




The parts are crisply moulded in grey plastic with restrained engraved panel detail.....




The wings, tailplanes and fin parts....




Parts for the twin engine exhausts.....




Intake bullet and cockpit parts - there are two sets of ventral fins to cater for differences in the panel lines - now that is attention to detail !!




More detail parts - including the afterburner flame holders......









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Twin dummy K-9 missiles and their pylons....




One-piece canop, HUD and canopy masks....




Decal sheet - with instrument decals. The grey strip goes around the forward fuselage and saves masking and painting.

The etched parts are for detail around the intake bullet and seat belts......




Parts for the ejection seat....




8-page instruction booklet - with Humbrol colour matches.,,,




The two marking options...




This is a welcome new release from Modelsvit - I can't wait to get it started !!!



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Will be following this one☺ 


Cant wait for mine to arrive! Between modelsvit and art models....we seeing  kits i never thought  would see the light of day! 


You know ken; might be time for a new book! 😆



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Art not ark models
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A little progress.....


The cockpit 'tub' is combined with the nose cone 'bullet' - with the four-part nosewheel bay forming the cockpit floor.


If you don't glue the nosewheel leg in place, it can be folded away to avoid breakage..... decals are provided for the front and side panels...


A control column and rudder pedals are added to the nose wheel bay top - there is no mention of nose weight - so here's hoping... :pray:




Each main wheel bay is made up from four parts - before being attached to the fuselage.....




The jetpipes are quite complex - two-part 'barrels' - with a 3-part ribbed insert - fitted to a front bulkhead - note the delicate afterburner flame holder.


Two types of nozzles are included - fully open or closed as in full throttle...






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Some more......


Modelsvit provide an etched ring - with perforations - and four wedge-shaped vanes to go on the intake bullet.......




The intake is fully painted - but the perforated ring and vanes cannot be seen once the intake assembly is fitted inside the fuselage...




I had to remove some plastic from the side panels - and do a lot of 'fettling' - to get the assembled intake/cockpit/nosewheel to fit in place and allow the fuselage halves to meet up around the nose intake..... during which the etched vanes got knocked off.


As they can't be seen (unless you shine a torch up the intake!) - I left them off.


The mainwheel bay and rear jetpipe assembly is also fitted before the fuselage halves are joined....




Here all the major parts are assembled - ready for the final assault....... it looks like a 1/48th scale fuselage - with 1/72nd scale wings!!




The underside - showing the separate air brake panel.......





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The superb ejection seat is made up from NINE beautifully delicate parts.....




.... which, when assembled make up the MiG's seat (excuse the hair - this is about 20 X life size)...




Modesvit even provide an etched set of seatbelts - this really is a work of art - I am well impressed.


Much better than any resin aftermarket seat.




The dummy K-9 missiles are similarly delicate - with wafer thin, realistic fins and a hollow jetpipe...........




Modelsvit just get better and better with each new release :thumbsup:




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