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MiG-29 1/48 Great Wall Hobby

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Here is my first 'Build a Bear.' It is the new(er) MiG-29 from Great Wall Hobby. Opening the box it looks like a masterpiece. The molding looks amazing and there is a lot of thought put into the parts. The missiles are all produced as one piece and the engine detail is very impressive. Some of the panel lines looks deeper and some are a little more shallow. I appreciate that difference although I am a little skeptical that they will all take a wash at the same rate. Even though the kit looks good to go right out of the box I am going to use this Eduard PE. Maybe its out of habit?  Hard to say but what is a safe statement is that you can buy one of these kits and get a great result without any extras. 





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Okay. Lots of progress to update. As I Said before the parts look amazing on the Sprue. The cockpit is great so naturally I sanded off all of the detail and used the eduard set. I was a little torn about this since the kits doesn't really need an upgrade but I had the set so away I went. It turned out pretty good I think and it fits snug into the fuselage. 




Next is the main assembly. The fuselage does not fit as well as I had hoped but still above average. There is some fitting that needs to take place along the leading edges. There is also some amazing engine detail offered in the kit. I wanted to cover both engines but when I went to put the engines in and the covers over them I notices what I think is one of the biggest flaws in the kit. The engine covers do not line up well with the front half of the intake trunking. Its pretty noticeable. I ended up cutting the alignment tabs off and then sort of just lining them up best I could and glueing that way. So in the end I split the middle. One engine covered, one engine open. I will install the last engine after the painting and dull coat. 



Then a little pre-shading



And then the first pass with the Mig paints. At first I did not like these paints. I found them to be difficult to use. They are quirky. But, once you figure them out you realize that although they are a little finicky they are really superior. I might try some solution to keep the paint from drying in the airbrush to improve flow but building up your layers is absolutely necessary and the way to go. If you let this stuff pool then you will have a poor result. But they really are an excellent choice. 





As I began the decal process and applying the panel line wash, I became frustrated with the texture under the nose. It was a little bumpy and it was trapping the wash. As I scrubbed I ended up taking the paint off. So I took all of the paint off and tried again....




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Thanks Sebastijan. I am putting FOD covers on so you won't see the intake doors. I tried it the right way and the assembly wasn't having it. So I chose to get them in the most stable position then cover them up!


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I have the the landing gear installed and the doors on. The main gear seemed incredibly feeble. So I actually braced it with some Gorilla Glue to make it nice and stable. So I have some fiddly bits left and the missiles and missile pylons. 



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Thanks everyone. I got some work in this weekend. All of the fiddly bit are on and the wheels are on too. I need to finish out the missile pylons and then decide whether to put missiles on it or not. I will be displaying it with an engine nacelle open. More soon!


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Okay! All done....almost. I think I will add a pair of AA-11s to this. The exhaust nozzles don't exactly line up and I tired everything. They are close but its a little annoying. This is a good kit overall but there are some issues for sure. Still better than the Academy kit in every respect. 





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