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Video of Su-33's and MiG-29K/KUB's

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This is late 1970s design , steam catapult not suitably for North of Russia, where "Kuztetsov" based, EM catapult not yet degigned in this time. Next gen of Ru NAVY carrier will be nuclear-power and will have catapult.


And about smoke - in Russia is popular video of this ship order in Atlantic with Deep Purple "Smoke on the water" music background.

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On 03/11/2016 at 5:31 PM, DarkJester said:

I had no idea they launched solely with a ramp, no catapult, either steam or electromag.



What most people forget is that the aircraft on Kuznetsov don't launch from a 'standing start' - like a Sea Harrier.


They don't increase the engine thrust and then start slowly accelerating up the ramp.


They are held back by retractable 'fingers' that emerge from the deck in front of the main wheels - the Su-33 then runs up to full power, straining against the 'fingers' for a few seconds as thrust builds up.


The fingers then quickly retract - instantly releasing all that kinetic energy up the ramp.


I don't know - or can't work out - just how much kinetic energy this system imparts to the Su-33 at launch - but it must be quite considerable.


There are photos of a Su-33 launching when the carrier was at anchor - so wind-over-deck is helpful, but clearly not critical.


Also, remember that the Su-25UTG - not noted for its dazzling excess of thrust - manages to take off OK from Kuznetsov.




PS - The Soviets built a working steam catapult on dry land - but as Kotey says, the danger of it freezing up in arctic waters mitigated against it - hence the STOBAR system adopted.

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On 6/11/2016 at 7:52 PM, Hajo L. said:

Question also is how heavy they can be during launch - can they take-off fully fueled and with a full war load?






From an old discussion and updated assessing the J-15 capabilities:


" Assuming 12800Kg thrust, 0 knot headwind: From long take-off point can take-off with 32.8 tonnes, maximum 38 tonnes. From short take-off point can take-off with 27 tonnes, 28.2 tonnes max. At 25knots headwind, Su-33 can easily take-off at max load of 32000kg from 110m. Taking off from 110m under 25 knots headwind gives the same condition as taking off from 195m under no wind. (so the extra 85m length translates to 25 knots more speed)."



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