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1/48 R/M F-14a help

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I'm currently building a 1/48 R/M F-14A with two more in the pipeline. Suprisingly, I've never gotten around to building one. I know that everyone is getting their hands on the Tamiya kit of the 1/48 Tomcat right now, but unfortunately due to financial restrictions I have to make due with the kits I have on hand for my next few builds.


The first one I'm building is a VX-4 Vandy One, but I'm rather unimpressed with how it will turn out if I go straight out of the box.


My issues are:

- looking at the plastic, the nose is badly molded. Not sure if I can sand/fill it back into proper shape.

- this is the 1997 RoG Black Bunny boxing, but the fuselage halves seem to be lacking some lumps and bumps but not sure.

- AIM-7s molded to the pylons. Cutting them off would make them look a bit odd from what I can see.

- the gun vent piece doesn't look right. It's almost as if theres an extra vent molded there.


Any ideas/thoughts about fixing/dealing with these items?

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You have come to the right place. I've built a few of these kits...well, actually.....I've now topped 80 of them. Here's a picture a where I keep some of them.




When you know how to build the R/M kit, it isn't as fiddly as it usually is. I wrote an article 10 years ago (wow, has it been that long?) about what shortcuts to use. Thankfully, Finescale Modeler has seen fit to make it available online. You can find it here:


Monogram Tomcat article


I assume you're wanting to do the F-14A Black Bunny. I believe that kit comes with the TCS pod, so you're good to go there. Here's everything you need to update the R/M kit to what you need. I'd also recommend intake covers, as the intakes are a paint in the rear.



gun vent

Block 135 update


intake covers



The nose is currently OOS, but I'm casting more in the next week or so. Good luck with your build, and feel free to ask any more questions you need to. The Monogram kit can be built up into a fine looking model.

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I have the same kit, the black bunny one from RoG, and in fact, you have there the NACA style gun vent an another one with I don´t know if it is right, as it isn´t the NACA vent, neither thew early one with louvers, so, why is there?, any clues?.

Best regards to all,


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Thanks much for the info. I guess I'll have wait on the nose to be in stock again. Looking at the prices.. looks like I can get everything I need for 3 models for just under or about the price of a Tamiya cat.. sweet.


I took a break from modelling for a bit and it didn't occur to me ask the guru when comes to the monogram kit.

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