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Export F-16s...Turkey, Iraq, Poland, Romania

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Now shipping is one for the lovers of the export F-16 and their unique colors, markings, and camouflage. Those markings on the Turkish Vipers are too good to pass up, especially the jets with MiG kills and nose art. 


Besides the Turkish and Iraqi Vipers shown here, expect jets from Romania, Poland, and a few suprises. 


As usual, full stencils, crew names, and the other small details are included.  I'll have more profiles and artwork to post at a later date.


Thanks boys!



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NOW SHIPPING!!!   Order from the Reid Air Publications/Speed Hunter Graphics website.



This sheet features markings for some of the more unique and colorful F-16s in use around the world.  Stencils are full and accurate, and offer enough to model two complete F-16s in 1/48.  Decals are sized for the Tamiya 1/48 F-16.

Options include:
1)  1615 (12-0012) Balad AB, Iraq, Iraqi Air Force, October 2016
2)  91-0008, 192 Filo,Balikesir, AB, Turkey, Turk Hava Kuvvetleri, June 2015 *MiG killer*
3)  88-0033, 152 Filo, Merzifon AB, Turkey, Turk Hava Kuvvetleri, June 2015 *helo killer/"Savasan Anka" nose art*
4)  1601 (82-0904), 53rd Fighter Squadron, Fetesti AB, Romania, Romanian Air Force, October 2016
5)  4062 (03-0062), 6th Aviation Squadron, 31st Tactical Air Base, Poznan, Polish Air Force, August 2013 *Tiger Meet markings*
6)  210 (98-2021) 1st Fighter Wing, 2nd Fighter Squadron, Isa AB, Bahrain, Bahraini Air Force, January 2016
7)  TS-1631 (84-1274), Skadron Udara 16, Roesmin Nurjadin AFB, Indonesian Air Force, August 2016
8)  TS-1642 (85-1417), Skadron Udara 3, Iswahyudi AFB, Indonesian Air Force, August 2016
9)  076  (93-1076), 341 Mira, 111 Combat Wing, Nea Anchialos AB, Hellenic Air Force *60th Anniversary markings*










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14 hours ago, habu2 said:

Got mine today, the decals were shipped in extra-heavy-duty protective packaging ....  :rolleyes:  (yer killin' me, Jake !!!)


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