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Back in 1957 as an 8 year old, a neighbour who was in the RAF, showed me a model he had just finished.

I had only been making models for 2 yrs and mostly Airfix/Frog/Lindberg aircraft, but I was in awe of this enormous army vehicle.

Having asked my parents if I could have this kit for Christmas, they told me they couldn't afford it. .

£1 10s 6d was quite a sum of money in those days, and at the time I was so disappointed, but I now realise how hard times were for them.


Jump forward to 2014 and while browsing E-bay model sections, this model of my childhood dreams appeared.

I couldn't resist bidding on it, winning for the pricely some of £19-57.


What a shock I got when opening up the box, to find that model kits had progressed considerably since the 50's.

Masses of flash, ejector pin marks on surfaces that would be seen, moulded in detail that began from nowhere and ended nowhere.

Figures that wouldn't be out of place in the Twilight Zone programs, and as I found out later the actual plastic is to be believed.

It is actually possible to bend pieces of sprue into a knot , it is so flexible. This later caused problems with paint adhesion.


The model of my dreams (as a child) was a major disappointment, but Hey-Ho I've got it now, I just have to make the best of what I have got.

I started building back in 2014 but quickly lost mojo, then Illness and life took over.  However a couple of weeks ago, I dragged it out from the back of my

model cupboard, only to realise several parts seem to have gone walkabout in the last couple of years.

Obviously the kit is long out of production so no chance of getting spares, thank goodness for plasticard and green stuff.

I couldn't be bothered to do lots of mods, so basically building out of the box with not too many changes.


I will post the progress so far in the next few days.


E-Bay Purchase (2).JPG

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On ‎16‎/‎11‎/‎2016 at 8:08 AM, Silenoz said:

if you want you are in for a lot of scratchbuilding.... A collegue from Belgium is building the same one, with some changes...



Thanks for the link Silenoz, I have several links and a scale plan of the AA but can't be bothered to get too involved.

This is just a basic build out of the box, as I have other models on the go at the moment.

Just needed to have a rest while I sorted some problems out on them.


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I remember doing this kit as a kid.  For my age then it was pretty good at the time. 


I also remember seeing those transporter cabs on the highway once in a while, not all that unusual considering where I was.

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