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T-38 Wheel Sets (early and late type) ready to order

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Good afternoon (here in London...),


I've got a new product, actually two, ready for ordering in my web shop. These are T-38 whee sets, an early type applicable to T-38A models until the 70s/80s and a late type for all later T-38A's and the current T-38C model. Both sets are designed for the Wolfpack kit, but may work with other kits (well, if you want something that looks like a proper T-38 in 1:48 there are really no other kits...).

The Early set:




The Late set:




And both types of nose wheels (both are included in each set):



Some moulded-on plastic detail needs to be removed from the kit landing gear struts so the new brake assemblies (featuring very delicate detail) can be fitted.



Hypersonic Models

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Great news Jeffrey. I was waiting until you got back from Telford to drop into your web site so it is good to know these are ready. I also have several other sets to order so I will try and place the order this weekend. Really like your stuff and that is only from seeing it on your site. I have several Hasegawa and Academy Phantoms that would benefit from your sets.



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