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Great Navy Hornet (and others) Weathering Ref Shot

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Hello Gregg, thanks for sharing all that interesting shots.


By any chance, do you happen to have pictures of weathered pimped-up bugs? The ones with colorful spines and rudders.


I'm searching references for a Growler with a black spine but, the few pictures I've found of similar birds are of immaculate and shiny ones; I think at some point they should get dirty or have wear and touch-ups.



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I think it's a training LGB, similar to those small blue dumb bomb simulators. You can drop them and they have the same ballistic characteristics like the "real" one, but only go "puff" and release some smoke when hitting the ground.




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And it's hanging from a MER under the wing. It's just the angle of the pic that makes it look like it's hanging from the wingtip's missile rail.

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8 hours ago, Geoff M said:

Excuse my ignorance but what is that blue thing hanging from the missile rail on NE106 in the pics above.  I have never seen that before.


Geoff M

BDU-59B/B Laser Guided Training Round (LGTR)


It has the same ballastics of a GBU-12.


Flying Leathernecks has them in 1/48 scale.


BTW: it is not an ELGTR, those are not authorized in the fleet yet.

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