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Great Navy Hornet (and others) Weathering Ref Shot

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On 11/15/2022 at 6:05 PM, GreyGhost said:


P.S. John, the second picture showe the angled shadowing the radar does to the nose cone  on Super Hornets and Growlers ...


LOL, I saw that and was going to post about it.   Hard to believe that's from the sheer electrical power that the AESA radar puts out.   

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On 11/18/2022 at 7:32 AM, Red Dog said:

Many thanks you guys for taking the time to post all these pictures.

Gregg is one of my ARC "heroes" for the effort he has put into this thread.


As an aside, if one wants to easily batch save all the pictures on a particular thread page, that can be done (in Chrome) by right clicking on a blank space on that page and "Saving As" html. That will save the page as a link and it will be accompanied by a file folder of the same name that contains all the images on that page. 


As an alternative, I have for years used this excellent Chrome extension: Fatkun Batch Download Image.


Gene K

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4 minutes ago, 11bee said:

Good stuff Gregg.   My son-in-law is with VAQ-141 out on the Reagan.  If you come across any recent pics of that unit, feel free to rack 'em up!



I have a picture of myself sitting in the Captain’s Chair of the USS Reagan, the seat covers were stitched by Nancy Reagan. Not all Captain’s permit this, I was a rare guest who the Captain permitted to sit in the chair.



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On 11/29/2022 at 1:20 PM, southwestforests said:

Just saw this image and it brought to mind this thread.

Note mix of large and small brown spots in upper wings and stabilators of the USAF F-15E

and how clean the Israeli F-35 looks.



Saw that a lot in the desert, just get a small leak of hyd or other oily fluid and sand will stick to it like nobody's buisness and it will turn from light sandy color to a dark red brown. 

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I just wanted to say THANK YOU.


THANK YOU for posting all of your amazing photos throughout the years on ARC.


They are truly amazing and so inspiring and useful for painting and weathering jets we love to build.


Take care,


Mr. Happy

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Patch painting of radome, and especially multiple patches as on the pictured F-15E, is a thing I don't remember seeing before, but then I'm not real big in to contemporary jets.

This just now crossed my path on Tumblr,



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On 1/31/2023 at 1:17 AM, GreyGhost said:





(All photos: US Navy)




There are some great shots there. Huge thanks for taking Your time to post them here.

Not a lot of love for the Amy, right? The way arresting hook bulge sits under the fuselage always reminds me of a T-Rex's pelvic bone. I know. Weird.

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