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AKA The  Queen Of The Skies. Kit is from Zvezda in 1/144, very good engineering and fit but with very bad decals which doesn’t fit the kit in most places due to the intricate nature of the aircrafts paint scheme.













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5 hours ago, Trojan Thunder said:

Very nice work  Murad :thumbsup:


How did you handle the cabin windows? Did you use the clear inserts and mask?


Ray thank you very much.

Kit comes with clear windows, i did mask em with micromask first than installed, it was tedious.

what's even more frustrating was removing the mask, as you could see some of the windows have damaged red paint showing white underneath happened whilst taking the masks off.

i DID go around the edges of the windows with a fresh scalpel during painting process occasionally but obviously it wasn't enough and / or the thick paint which is mostly due to white and red colors of course, besides due the scheme and decals i had to put the ~ shaped decal after white before going in with red and all the gloss in between added to the amount of paint it received during the painting.

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I have built this one, converted it to a freighter before the Revell kit was available. It is a pity that Zvezda does not include cabin window decals so you can just fill and paint over the windows.


I had not noticed the paint issues with the windows, you did a fine job there with all that masking and removing of them!


I only use window decals these days to save time and miss out on all the fun of masking all those little windows.


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Great looking build. I got to go inside that bird for a full tour with one of the engineers when it was doing testing at Moses Lake, WA. Got to sit in the pilot's seat and everything. First time sitting in a 747, and I was very impressed with the plane. 



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