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Wolfpak's Century Mark Release

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 I would like to take this opportunity on my 100th 1/72 scale sheet to thank you, my customers, for your support through the years.  As the saying goes, I could not have done this without your help.  Your willingness to provide feedback and references, and to spend your hard earned money has enabled me to fulfill a dream.  When I started this venture back in January of 2008 the conventional wisdom was that 1/72 scale was passé and didn’t sell, that a decal sheet had to consist of a single type aircraft (almost inevitably a “Teen Series” fighter), and have markings for twenty aircraft, all from the same squadron.  I didn’t agree with that paradigm then, and obviously still don’t, and based on the fact that we’re still here at sheet 100 many of you don’t agree either.

     Two things primarily influenced my decision to start Wolfpak Decals.  I grew up in an age where kit instructions actually had text and detailed histories of the aircraft, so you could learn something about what you were building.  In addition, the aftermarket company Modeldecal was at its zenith then, and their example has really been the biggest influence on my sheets.  Modeldecal covered multiple subject types that were from different nations, they weren’t afraid to put an “oddball” subject on the sheet, plus they had comprehensive information about their subjects, including color callouts for the interiors.  I’ve tried to combine those ideas in my sheets.  The flexibility afforded by covering multiple subjects has allowed me to provide markings for subjects that I could never do if I restricted the sheets to a single subject and to respond much more quickly than if I had to gather six or seven more examples of the same type to justify issuing a sheet.  At the same time, the instructions are intended to provide “one stop shopping” and save you, the modeler, the time, effort, and expense of researching to find out the aircraft’s history, what color the seat cushions and lap belts were, how to paint the bombs and missiles hanging from the kit, and what issues there may be with reproducing a subject accurately in kit form.  Hopefully you feel that I have accomplished those objectives.

     In closing, I would like to once again thank the many people through the years that I have corresponded with or met in person at airshows or model conventions and those that have been willing to buy and even use my decals.  It has been a pleasure.  I have made many new friends and learned a lot along the way.  Please keep the feedback, and the references, coming.  I look forward to hearing from you in the future.


Now on to the sheets:


Sheet 72-100, Century Mark:  This sheet is composed entirely of the Century Series of fighters. The first is a F-100 from Tuy Hoa in Vietnam followed by a RF-101C from the 29th TRS at Shaw AFB.  From close to my home, based at the Pittsburgh International Airpor,t is a F-102A.  The next subject from the  319th FIS is an ADC grey F-104A from Patrick AFB.  Another Vietnam War subject is “Muttley the Flying Dog,” a F-105G from the 17th WWS at Korat.  Finally the F-106A know as the “Cornfield Bomber.”  This aircraft entered into a flat spin but recovered and landed in a cornfield once the pilot ejected. 

Sheet 72-101, Diamonds in the Sky:  First up is a F-14B from VF-102 in 1998 followed by a F-4E of the 334th TFS, 4th TFW in 1991 in the Hill grey scheme.  Next from Fort Irwin is a UH-72A.  Larson AFB had a combined wing of B-52’s and Titan missiles back in the day and used the H-19A shown in 1961 for missile site support.  A couple of hacks follow with the first being a T-33A assigned to the 112th FIG at Pittsburgh IAP and a TB-25N, in SAC colors,  from the 814th ABG in 1958.

Sheet 72-102, Club Med: This is an all prop sheet posted in that forum.

Sheet 72-103, Pony Rides:  This is a sheet with a new format for Wolfpak.  It’s a then and now sheet with aircraft from two eras but with an attribute that connects to two.  The first subject is a P-38L named “Maloney’s Pony” from the 27th FS in 1944.  There is a very interesting story behind the name which has led to a tradition in the 27th FS.  It’s all in the write-up.  It’s followed by a later “Maloney’s Pony,” this time a F-15C from the 27th FS in 200.  For what it’s worth there is a third “Maloney’s Pony,” a F-22 on Wolfpack sheet 72-073.  The third subject on the sheet is John C. Meyer’s P-51D, Petie 2nd.  This aircraft has as nose art the squadron insignia of the 487th FS.  You may remember it as the machine gun toting caricature of a fighter pilot. The last subject on this sheet is an A-10 from the 303rd & 358th FS’s carrying the same caricature which has become the insignia of the 303rd FS.

Sheet 12-16, Thank You:  Once again thanks for your patronage.  This year’s sheet is complementary with a purchase of $36.00 of decals or resin.  The first subject is a F-15C that was used as a test for camouflage patterns for the F-15E in 1986.  It has a splinter pattern similar to one of the F-16XL’s.  The second subject is an A-10 from 1975 in overall ghost grey with large tail codes and national insignia on the engine nacelles.  Up next a F-16CM from the 314th FS, 54th FG,  56th FW based at Holloman AFB this year.  Wrapping up the sheet and release is an overall medium green RF-101A from Shaw AFB in 1964.







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  I can definitely use some of the schemes on 100 (that must be a pretty crowded sheet) and the WW II one.  BTW, congrats on sheet 100; although, you actually passed it some time ago adding in all of the 144th, 48th, and 32nd scale sheets.




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Congratulations, Mark! I’m among your biggest fans and always excited to see when you post here with a new round of releases. The only downside to having such a great variety of markings is that I can't build nearly fast enough to keep up with them. Maybe when I retire.


For what it’s worth, your 103 sheets include markings for somewhere around 650 aircraft. (That doesn’t include the 144th and 48th scale releases.) I’ve been maintaining a Excel spreadsheet that lists those aircraft, so anyone who’s interested is free to download it here.


Thanks Mark! Looking forward to the next 100 sheets.


Steven Brown
Scale Model Soup



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Mark, you've been a great blessing to the 1/72 community! I hope we can find ways to assist you with research and anything else you need, as a small token of what you've provided for us. :cheers:


Looking forward to a couple things on these sheets, including the Diamondback Tomcat and the Wild Weasel :) 

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Your stuff gets better and better all the time! I have suggestions, but I know you want to stay away from sheets of all one subject, so I'll bite the bullet and patiently wait... But a big THANKS, in the meantime!


Congrats on the centennial sheet! Don't stop now!



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Thanks for the kind words.  I've enjoyed this decal venture and look forward to doing more in the future.  Will try to get the SUU-30's in production after the first of the year.  650 subjects!! No wonder why I can't remember which ones are on which sheets!


Mark S.

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