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Century Mark Release Wolfpack Decals

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Here's the prop segment of my Century Mark release. 


Sheet 72-102, Club Med This sheet’s theme is aircraft from the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations.  The sheet begins with a P-38G from the 82nd FG.  From the 98th BG, The Pyramiders, a B-24D from the August 1st, 1943 raid on the Oil refinery at Ploesti, Romania.  This aircraft, “The Sandman” is the one pictured in the famous photo of a B-24 flying at low level frame by billowing black clouds and the refinery structures that is found in most history texts.  Next is a Mosquito night fighter from the 416th NFS.  A B-25C that was modeified to incorporate waist and tail gun positions is next.  From the same night fighter squadron above, the 416th is a Beaufighter with the early MKIV air intercept radar.  Finally a B-24H from the 757th BS, 459th BG. 

You can also find in the Jet Modeling Forum page a sheet containing both WWII and modern subjects.


Mark S.



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On 11/28/2016 at 11:02 PM, Chuck1945 said:



I don't see the new sheets on your website, not yet available?





  In general Mark (and most manufacturers) will announce the sheets on websites two or three weeks before they're available for sale.




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