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7 hours ago, Hans said:


BTW, from the updated 3d renderings, I'd say, the shape is looking pretty much spot on at this time, the fuselage tail cone is right on the money too :cheers:


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Great to hear you're all happy with what you've seen so far! :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the follows and likes on Facebook! We got enough followers to qualify for a "username"!

The link is now: https://www.facebook.com/HazMAT.Models/ (the old link will still work if you've already bookmarked it).


Front gear well and strut parts:











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7 hours ago, ziggyfoos said:

VAL-4 will be well covered. The existing AOAdecals Black Pony sheet will finally be coming in 1/48. May add even more options to the sheet actually.

Would there be any possibility of you including decals for the legacy of the Black Ponies aircraft?  Both the A-29 Super Tucano evaluated under Imminent Fury and the OV-10G Bronco of Combat Dragon II from the US Navy carried the Black Pony markings.  The A-29 at least could be built in 1/48 with the Hobby Boss kit, and the A-29 mods from AVM.  Nobody has done any decals for them, and I don't think we'd ever see separate decals for either of those aircraft types.

I know it's a long shot, but it never hurts to ask.


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On 3/7/2017 at 10:58 PM, VAL-4 Black Ponies said:

Navy Tested - War Proven - Combat Ready

Light Attack Squadron Four - Binh Thuy, Republic of Vietnam


Welcome to the forums!

Hope you like what you see :thumbsup:


On 3/8/2017 at 8:51 AM, chukw said:

I've only just seen this- very interesting, Z-Man!  Congrats on stepping up to full kit design- cheers!


Hi Chuck! Glad you found the thread and hope to see you build one when it's released (looking forward to that threads "mascot!" :rolleyes:)

I'm just a part of the team contributing where I can. I have been helping more with shapes and details where others are doing the CAD work. We've also had lots of reference and detail help from fellow ARC members and the Bronco community. :cheers:



I was hoping for a reply on my Facebook question thread in General Discussion so I could post to Facebook at the same time, but don't want to delay the Arc viewers any longer...


Rear gear details:














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Waiting on this one, we had them at Korat. 


If I remember right there was a small tube that stuck out slightly from the point of the tail cone.  Any idea what this was for?

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2 hours ago, ikar said:

If I remember right there was a small tube that stuck out slightly from the point of the tail cone.  Any idea what this was for?


This is the cargo door hold open latch.



I'm not positive, but I think it latches on to this ring:


I say I'm not positive because I haven't found any pics showing it attached to the ring, but this is in the right location for the latch to engage and I see no other spot for it to latch to.

The same ring can be found on the right side boom though so I'm not sure.



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Deffinately have to save up.  This one is not going to be cheap by the looks of it.  The OV-10 was the second type of aircraft my wife could have beem assigned to work on, the 130 was what she got.


Have to do one for the 23rd T.A.S.S. at Korat in honor of the guys I saw there.

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