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LF 1/48 Cutting Edge F4H-1 Conversion

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I’m hoping someone will help me in my quest to complete my F-4 Phantom collection. I missed out when the 1/48 Cutting Edge F4H-1 conversion was released and have been kicking myself and searching ever since.

They occasionally show up on eBay and I’ve bid on several, but ultimately, they sell for hundreds of dollars more than I can afford or justify. Hey… the kids have to eat and bills must be paid.

I don’t see these conversions displayed at shows or online very often so there must some out there. Surely there must be some sitting on shelves of well-meaning builders.

So, any kind souls with one in their stash and not enough time to build everything? I understand it’s “rare” and I’m willing pay a reasonable mark-up but my kids wouldn’t appreciate me closing out their college funds. If you’d prefer a trade or combination of both we can discuss that too.




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Good luck. I have been searching for this conversion for years as well. Sadly unless your willing to pay through the ear, or some other orifice, its going to cost.


Mind you, after some one hooks Rob up, give me a call......... 

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You'll have a pretty tough time scoring one for a reasonable price.  I bought three and sold two on EBay for almost $500 each.  


I recommend picking up the vacuuform conversion for it.  It was made by either Falcon or Eagles Talon as a "Triple Conversion" with an F-106B and F-105B conversion as part of the same kit.  Dave Klaus still has some of the F-4H1 decal sheets available at the Fine Art of Decals website.  That's going to be your best and most economical option.  



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Thanks for the replies.


I have the Falcon set and CE decals as a fall back. It's not as complete or easy to work with as the CE set.


I wasn't aware of the pending Brigade conversion. Other companies have listed a conversion in their to do lists but so far no follow through. Seems like it'd be a good seller.


By asking for the CE set I was hoping to appeal to a fellow builder who may not be as interested in profit and willing to help a phantom phan. As I said, I'm willing to pay a reasonable mark up if someone wants to discuss it. Maybe we can both be happy.


Thanks again guys,



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