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                Coming back here with my latest build after almost of year as I didn't build anything in the last 11 months. I decided to build the old 1/48 F-14A Monogram kit as part of a group build in another forum. This is an old kit with lots of nice details but with raised panel lines. Also I tired some techniques I wanted to try for a very long time. SALT weathering on naval aircraft. After seeing several beautiful salt weathered models here and ARC , I gave it a shot. What I learned from this process was, patience is the key and building up layers slowly brings out the desired weathered effect.

    Started with the cockpit details and also included pilot and WSO figures. I hand paint the helmets of them with the sundowners scheme. You can see it in the picture.
    General assembly was very straight forward except, some ugly gaps while putting together the fuselage halves.So had to go through the ritual of  putty and sanding and care was taken not to sand away the raised panel lines.
    After the primer , i started the long sequence of building the mottled pattern with salt and diluted based color and some dirt and grime color. I used both table salt and the rock salt. Used hair dryer to dry the water. I am over all pleased with how it turned out.
    Next came the challenge of decaling as the kit decal was silvered and the binding glue started coagulating when it hit the water. it was pretty frustrating , but with patience and perseverance I was able to get it right.
    I wanted to load the aircraft heavily. So took the time to decal the black lines and it took a good couple of hours.

I thoroughly enjoyed this build and am pleased with the end result. Hope you all like it. Now, to the pictures...








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