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Hobbycraft Lavochkin La-7

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Hello all,


I submit my entry for the group build. This is the 1/48 Hobbycraft Lavochkin La-7.  The kit is a basic kit, with not a lot of detail to be found anywhere.  The cockpit is very basic, as are the landing gear wells.  That being said, the kit can be built to look the part, so without any further ado, here we go:



Here's the kit:



I started construction with the cockpit.  As you can see, the cockpit detail is fairly spartan with some simplistic instrument panel detail, as well as sidewall detail.  But since the canopy comes closed as the only option, I didn't put too much work into the cockpit.  



After getting the cockpit finished, I glued the assembly into the fuselage and glued the fuselage halves together.  



Once the fuselage halves were dried, I added the wings.  I did have a nasty gap to contend with on the right side at the wing root.



After some filling and sanding and priming, it turned out OK.



I'll continue my progress in another post.......stay tuned.





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And now we continue with where we left off.


After fixing the various fit issues, sanding, and priming, I was ready to start painting.  



I started with the bottom, covering it in Tamiya Light Blue, following it up with some Tamiya Smoke to do some shading and stains.31365377095_60d6160e12_o_zpsr8n3njc8.jpg



After getting the bottom squared away, I turned to the top, using MM Flat White Acryl along with more Tamiya Smoke for shading and stains.  I also used Tamiya Sky Blue for the tail.



I then masked the bare metal areas around the exhaust and painted those with a combination of Tamiya aluminum and MM Jet Exhaust. I used MM Red for the spinner, cowl, and triangle on the nose.  I also used a combination of silver Prismacolor pencil and some chrome silver on the end of a toothpick to simulate some chipping and wear.



And with the final post, I'll show the finished product.  








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And the final installment of this build:


After doing some further weathering, including a coat of Future before the decals, another coat of Future after the decals, and a wash, final assembly was done.  I wanted it to look war-weary.  Here are results of my efforts:





Top Left:



Top Right (yes, I know the blue demarcation line doesn't line up properly on this side, but I didn't know that until I had the decals already wet down):



Overall, I'm pleased with the results.  It was a fun build, took me about three weeks total working off and on, and the results certainly look good on my shelf.



Hope you enjoyed seeing the build as much as I enjoyed building it.  Thanks for looking!





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