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Hi. I'm frustrated by the sanding of seams!

Is there a good YouTube or print article describing an organized method or system for success? Things like avoiding gaps to begin with, progressive grades of sand paper "grit" to work down to z glassy smooth finish? I've tried using super glue then using super glue remover to "wipe away" excess filler w/o loosing details. I would appreciate all help in finally getting a workable solution to seam filling and finish w/o damage to details moulded in the plastic. 

Thank you.

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I've found that CA demands sanding or filing. Lately I use up to #6 needle files to get a very smooth finish then a buffing stick. But, that limits where I use CA, like flat or convex joints.


For concave joints or areas with delicate details, I tend to use Tamiya Fine Putty or Mr. Surfacer 500 or 1000 and then a cotton swab with Mr Thinner to wipe away the excess. Fine Milliput or Perfect Plastic Putty can also be used similarly with water as a solvent. PPP needs a cover coat, like thin CA.

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Filing is dry. Since getting some high-quality Swiss-pattern needle files, I'm far more likely to use files for seams and shaping.


I sometimes wet-sand, but not typically. 

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