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Hi guys,

I just started building this Kinetic F/A-18C kit.

As a beginning, I decide to build a pilot without oxygen mask and add some details.


To fit the cockpit, pilot feet have to be removed. 

31456538301_c0425105ec_z.jpg20161210_214011 by Harry1106, 於 Flickr


Oxygen hose and earphone cable are scratch built

31534647566_fc960146a2_z.jpg20161210_213833 by Harry1106, 於 Flickr



31456520521_17c9cac090_z.jpg20161210_214220 by Harry1106, 於 Flickr





30731919134_bc5fab0d0d_z.jpg20161211_213700 by Harry1106, 於 Flickr

31535381106_35f350a85c_z.jpg20161211_213719 by Harry1106, 於 Flickr


GBU-12 Laser Guided Bomb

31456910401_9ebe78dae7_z.jpg20161123_122550 by Harry1106, 於 Flickr


Mk-20 cluster bomb

31534815006_32da8a09e7_z.jpg20161128_114202 by Harry1106, 於 Flickr

30763099703_84a1ecc770_z.jpg20161127_213713 by Harry1106, 於 Flickr


BRU-41 Multiple Ejector Rack

31200401610_a4d1ddb7fb_z.jpg20161129_111547 by Harry1106, 於 Flickr


30762930853_72ec009cfe_z.jpg20161129_112115 by Harry1106, 於 Flickr


31200311860_9d0f61dbd8_z.jpg20161129_112053 by Harry1106, 於 Flickr

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OUTSTANDING work all around !! It's finally refreshing to see someone paint their AIM-9's the correct color and not black. I'm very impressed you added the arming wires for the nose / tails fuses on that GBU-12 as well, nice touch. Keep up the amazing work, looking forward to more.



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On 12/11/2016 at 7:58 PM, B-ONE27 said:

Agreed with all the above comments but I have to know, what color are your using for the metallic areas of your AIM-9s??? Definitely  spot on!!!



 Yea! What he asked? what is your secret? Or did you steal the shrinking machine from Honey I shrunk The Kid's!

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