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Aeromaster references

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I'm trying to research a P-47 covered on Aeromaster "4th Fighter Group" for Major Leroy Gover. The sheet states his P-47 was named "Sondra-Lee"and lists references as photos from Larry Davis. 

I cannot find a single picture of this aircraft with this name and markings. I've been able to find photos with this tail number and nose art named "Miss San Carlos". The 4th Fighter Group his spitfire as being named "Sondra-Lee", but lists both his P-47s as being named "Miss San Carlos".

Does anyone know of or have a Larry Davis book with Leroy Gover's P-47 as it appears on Aeromaster sheet 48-393?



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According to "Escort to Berlin" by Garry Fry and Jeff Ethell:

P-47 42-74688, VF-G was assigned to L. Gover on 9/6/43, carried a girl in a nighty and a big hat and the name "Miss San Carlos" on the left cowling.


You can see in the photo that the name "Sondra-Lee" does not appear above the kill markings as the decal set shows.  The artwork looks similar to the decals.


The American Air Museum had these photos






Hope this helps...




P-47, 42-74688.jpg

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Aeromaster didn't really have a spectacular track record when it came to accuracy.  If a wide variety of references are showing it had different nose art, I'd say it's far more likely that Aeromaster screwed up, rather than them having some unknown gem of primary research.

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thanks for the info! Much appreciated. Yea, looks like Errormaster strikes again. I had assumed as much, but thought maybe they had some reference I had not seen. 

Oddly enough, I have another of their sheets for American Eagle Squadron that includes Gover's spitfire mk V, which was named Sondra-Lee, and they did not include it on the sheet. I guess between the two, I can make one accurate bird.

I had read a book based on his war diaries, "Spitfires, Thunderbolts, and Warm Beer". My wife had recently bought me a copy which renewed my interest. 


thanks for all the help!

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