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phantoms 2016 builds

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Thanks, right now its been almost two weeks since I touched anything, Lots of semi forced overtime and Christmas visits are keeping me busy.


The only ones that are still mine are the USN, Mig and the Phantoms. Everything else (all the Canadians) are for others.

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Shawn is just a regular building machine....period.  If I get 6 done a year I am just

totally over joyed...Great work Shawn.  Love to see your stuff when it pops up here on ARC.





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Nice work Sean.


I worked on a few of your builds ( the actual aircraft).


The yellow Twin Huey, we called that particular Huey Mary Hartman - Mary Hartman. Because she was 135135. After it was retired it was sold to the Colombian Police and was destroyed in the ground by rebels.


I also worked on 188777, it wasn't in our squadron though.

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Nice work, Sean.  Looks like it was a busy year for you.


I especially like the white rabbit Phantom build.  I built the earlier VX-4 scheme of Vandy 5 about two years ago for a friend's father who was plane captain of her during the early 70's.  








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