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Mig-31: Can it carry Bombs ?

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I have read numerous publications; such as Yefim Gordon's book, and have seen numerous articles online that mention that the Mig-31 (E, F, BM) can carry bombs. The text specifically mentions it could carry up to six KAB-1500 or up to eight KAB-500 that can TV or Laser guided. The same sources mention that it could carry some Anti-Shipping weapons.


I cannot seem to locate any definitive proof of this such as pictures, etc.


Is this true ?

If so, then on which stations and with which launchers ?


- Matt

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Not true at all.


The original MiG-31BM could carry air to ground missiles like Kh-31 and Kh-58, but it was a sole prototype so it doesnt matter. Operational MiG-31's carry only air-to-air and has always done so.

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