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CD48121 - 1/48 Piasecki H-21

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A beautiful sheet, and a great choice of subjects!!

I too beg for this to be scaled down to 1/72 - PLEASE!!


(I can loan Italeri and Hobbycraft kits to you via Starbucks when it comes time to size things up.) Wink wink.

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Kursad I don't know if you mentioned it but were you also planning a foreign user sheet? Not RCAF as I think those exist with other companies but I believe there are other users right?


Just asking here as it is always cool to do something off the beaten track.

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2 hours ago, swallows said:

Waiting for the 1/72 sheet, I have one question: is the medium blue of the VIP H-21B the same seen on Presidential 747s and 707s plus VC-140, VC-9B, C-32s, C-40s, C20s ?




I don't know. As far as I know the blue color was in use on presidential helicopters before fixed wing aircraft, it might well be a different color.


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